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GND Campaign Commission January & Febuary 2024 Recap

January and February were the Months of Training here at the Green New Deal Campaign Commission! Part of our mandate is to train, coach, and workshop strategic campaigns oriented around our Building for Power principles. Here’s how we did that this winter.

Strategic Trainings

We re-upped our 3-session Strategic Campaign Training with DSA’s Growth and Development Committee. Multiple GNDCC members and Rashad X from the Growth and Development Committee trained over 50 comrades on planning a strategic campaign, using real case studies from NYC, Cleveland, and more. 

Watch and share the training and materials here:

Our fave bit of feedback: someone was unsure about staying in DSA but was so motivated by the trainings, they re-upped their dues!

Collaborative COaching

Our commission also works in close collaboration with chapters. We held dedicated sessions with Twin Ports; and Boston + Charlottesville + Denver in January. Chapters may be in different stages of campaign ideation but there is always something to learn or get refreshed on.

And finally, we held our monthly Campaign Huddles as usual, and February’s was something special. Zeth S. and Natsuki N. from Bozeman DSA walked through their Social Housing campaign and how it built internal leadership, made inroads with labor, and more. While we don’t have a recording, you can get the slides here.

Zeth is one of our Building for Power Coaches. Coaches are experienced leaders whom we connect with our campaigns to facilitate their growth and success. Through our Commission they’ve logged hundreds of hours of one-on-ons, meetings, workshops, and more!

If your chapter is ready to Build for Power and get dedicated trainings and support, fill out our interest form and come to our March huddle where we’ll be training on what’s on everyone’s mind these days: fundraising!

Chapter Campaigns

One such campaign is Louisville DSA’s “Get on the Bus” campaign to fund TARC buses. Last year we were able to donate to Louisville’s campaign so they could design and print stickers with QR codes that direct riders to a survey, sign up link, and campaign website at bus stops on key routes. They kicked off stickering in Jaunary and dozens of people have responded.

Donate now to support work like this:

Solidarity together

Whether you’re a new to DSA or a ride-or-die lifer, now more than ever we need all members to support the organization. Tap below to join thousands of members in giving 1% of your yearly income as dues.