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Democratic Socialists of America is organizing local chapters, labor unions & environmental justice coalitions to build green projects & expand public services for a Green New Deal.

Four Key Areas

We prioritize the improvement, expansion, and sustainable funding of universal public services. We advocate for campaigns that build relationships with labor, electeds, and a working-class base, and are impactful enough to begin to tackle global nature of capitalism-driven climate change.

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Resources & Announcements

  • GND Campaign Commission September & October Recap

    The Green New Deal Campaign Commission and Chapters that are Building for Power have been up to a lot the past two months….! View →

  • Join GND’s Steering Committee


    We’re growing! The GND Steering Committee is expanding from 11 to 15 members. All DSA members in good standing may apply to join! View →

  • Green New Deal Campaign Commission Bylaws

    The Green New Deal Campaign Commission Bylaws outline our basic rules of conduct and procedure. View →