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Green New Deal Campaign Commission Bylaws

Adopted: September 27, 2023

  1. Membership
    1. The Green New Deal Campaign Commission (GNDCC) Steering Committee (SC) shall be composed of 15 DSA members and up to two National Political Committee (NPC) liaisons. The GNDCC SC term will continue for two years from the date of appointment or until the appointment of a new GNDCC, whichever is later.  
    2. The GNDCC SC shall elect, from among its members, two co-chairs via Acclamation, or via Approval voting should elections be competitive. The co-chairs shall be the primary points of contact between the GNDCC and the NPC and its liaisons, and shall plan and chair GNDCC meetings and otherwise lead administration of the GNDCC in accordance with these Bylaws. The NPC liaisons will be voting members of the GNDCC but ineligible for co-chair positions.
      1. An interim co-chair may be elected by the SC, should the need arise.
    3. Prior to the end of the term, the GNDCC will write and publicly circulate an application for membership to serve the next term. Applications shall be open for at least two weeks. All DSA members in good standing are eligible to apply. 
    4. From the pool of applications, the GNDCC will submit a list of recommended candidates to the NPC for approval based on the capacity, skills, and knowledge needed to carry out its mandate.
  2. Scope of Work
    1. The GNDCC is tasked with planning and executing the national GND priority campaign as approved by the DSA Convention.  
  3. Meetings
    1. The GNDCC shall meet at least three times per month, generally weekly. 
    2. Asynchronous voting outside of meetings may be carried out by the GNDCC co-chairs when needed.
    3. Quorum is a simple majority (50%+1) of GNDCC SC members.
  4. Accountability
    1. As requested by the NPC, the GNDCC shall make regular reports to the NPC that detail progress on projects and requests for support or coordination with other parts of DSA. The GNDCC will make available summaries of these reports on the GNDCC website. 
    2. Votes shall be recorded in Google Forms or similar software.
  5. Subcommittees
    1. The GNDCC shall appoint such subcommittees as it determines are necessary to carry out specific campaign tasks. 
    2. Each subcommittee shall have one or more chairs, selected from and appointed by the Steering Committee, who shall be responsible for planning and chairing subcommittee meetings and strategies, and reporting back to the SC.
    3. Subcommittees may bring in DSA members from outside the GNDCC to assist with their work.
    4. Forming or dissolving a subcommittee requires a ⅔ vote of the GNDCC SC.
    5. Subcommittee Procedures
      1. Subcommittees shall meet at least once per month.
      2. Subcommittees shall keep and make available minutes to the GNDCC.
  6. Participation
    1. GNDCC members are expected to be regular participants in weekly GNDCC meetings and in at least one subcommittee along with carrying out asynchronous work, as needed.
    2. If a member of the GNDCC is absent for more than two meetings in a row, the GNDCC co-chairs will have discretion to contact that member to gauge their capacity and if they would like to continue their role, and if so, how their capacity for work/meetings/availability may have changed.
  7. Removal and Replacement
    1. Any member may be removed with a ⅔ majority vote by the GNDCC. Reasons for removal may include continued absence from GNDCC work and meetings, continued failure to follow through on commitments, disruptive behavior, and actions that violate the principles or policies of DSA. 
    2. In the event of a resignation or removal of a member during the term, the GNDCC shall recruit and nominate a replacement to be approved by the NPC.
  8. Amendments to the Bylaws
    1. These bylaws may be amended by a ⅔ vote of the members of the SC or by resolution at DSA’s national convention.
    2. No Bylaw amendment shall be considered by the SC unless notice of the amendment language is provided to the SC at least 72 hours prior to a vote.