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Past Campaigns

Green New Slate

In 2022 Democratic Socialists of America’s GND SC supported the races of DSA-endorsed, climate-change candidates from coast to coast.

After making thousands of phone calls to voters across the country, mobilizing hundreds of comrades to knock doors for climate champions coast to coast, we won! Hugo Soto-Martinez in CA, Elisabeth Epps in CO, Rachel Ventura in IL, and Sarahana Shrestha in NY have all been elected in their November 2022 general elections!

Green New Deal for Public Schools

2021 gave us an opportunity like no other: President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill. DSA’s Green New Deal campaign moved to build bridges locally with our local neighbors, teachers, students, and staff in order to put this funding towards projects that improve the health and future of our communities. 

While BBB itself was killed by coal baron Joe Manchin, these bonds have continued to grow strong. We continue to work with chapters like Philly DSA and DSA LA to help fix classroom air quality, provide free public transit, and build out green spaces for schools. 

Pass the PRO Act!

To solve our climate and economic crises, we need a Green New Deal.
To win a Green New Deal, we need mass worker power.
To build mass worker power, we need to Protect the Right to Organize and pass the PRO Act.

Power for Texas

Heat and light are human rights! After years of deregulation and degradation, Texas’ ERCOT grid failed in 2021 during a freeze that killed 57 people and left millions without heat or drinking water. Neoliberalism cannot be left to its own devices. 

That’s why the GND campaign teamed up with our Texas DSA chapters to demand that electricity become a public utility across the Lone Star state. When the people are in control of their power, the people–and not the profits–come first.