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Green New Deal Campaign Commission Leadership & Structure

The Green New Deal Campaign is a national-level campaign that spans all DSA chapters.

Members in good standing can join the Commission on a volunteer basis.

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The Steering Committee (SC) is made up of 15 volunteers from different chapters. Members are recommended by other members and approved by the National Political Committee (NPC). There are two co-chairs, and two additional NPC Liaisons.

Wren P.


Nicole has fair skin and long dark hair. She is speaking into a bullhorn microphone and is wearing a yellow safety vest. There is foliage behind her.

Nicole M.

New York City

Matt H.


Jeff has fair skin and salt and pepper hair. he sports glasses and is clean shaven.

Jeff G.


Lake L.

Princeton YDSA


Metro Detroit

Soliel has dark olive skin and kinky curly brown hair, she sports thin silver glasses and a brown cap. she is outside holding a sign that says "honk for 15 min breaks + 30 min lunches"

Soleil S.


Poornima is living hear best life, wearing glasses, a red jacket and a blue cap whilst sitting among the treetops

Poornima T.

West Suburban Illinois

Katie H.

New York City

Lori D.

Los Angeles

Batul H.

New York City

Daniel G.

New York City

Marc has medium skin and dark eyes, and closely shorn black hair. He sports black glasses and a brown mustache and beard.

Marc K.

Los Angeles

Claire M.

Metro DC

Akshai S.


Colleen J.

Denver/NPC Liaison

Cara has brown eyes and fair skin, her reddish brown hair is tied back and she is wearing a black cap that has "workers deserve more" embroidered in yellow

Cara T.

Louisville/NPC Liaison