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    Join GND’s Steering Committee

    We’re growing! The GND Steering Committee is expanding from 11 to 15 members. All DSA members in good standing may apply to join!


  • Green New Deal Campaign Commission Bylaws

    The Green New Deal Campaign Commission Bylaws outline our basic rules of conduct and procedure.


  • GNDCC Recap: August & September

    We spent the last few months of this summer organizing to #BuildForPower and win a Green New Deal. From Boston to Milwaukee, DSA chapters are organizing powerful campaigns in their communities.


  • Building for Power Campaign Summary

    A summary of the Green New Deal 2023 resolution, its strategic outlook, and next steps.


  • Our Theory of Power

    The Left must fight for a Green New Deal in the context of a neoliberal administration in which we have limited power. Here is how we will meet the challenge.


  • 2023 Green New Deal Campaign Commission Priority Resolution

    We are proud to announce the final draft of our Resolution for the 2023 National Convention.


  • DSA’s Green New Deal Principles

    Humankind has reached a moment of existential crisis. Human activity is causing disastrous climate disruption and Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, triggering critical losses of biodiversity. We are already locked in for global warming that will have catastrophic effects, and we are on a slippery path to our own extinction. The 2018 Special Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on… View…