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GNDCC Recap: July & August

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We spent the last few months of this summer organizing to #BuildForPower and win a Green New Deal. From Boston to Milwaukee, DSA chapters are organizing powerful campaigns in their communities. Let’s catch you up on what you might’ve missed.

In mid-July, we held a “Path to Green Social Housing” call with DSA’s Housing Justice Commission where we heard about the intersections of housing & GND organizing. We even signed up a few new DSA members! Check out the recording and slides.

Then In late July, we had our national B4P social media day of action! 4 NEW chapters will #BuildForPower with us, which means access to grants 🤑, comms 📢, a coach 💪🏻, and other resources to organize Green New Deal campaigns on their turf. Click through Twitter below for the thread announcing who 👀!

That’s right, we’re raising $10k/year in grants to help chapters pay for materials, printing, supplies, and other campaign expenses. Can you donate today?

At DSA’s 2023 Convention, our Consensus Resolution PASSED! This means Building for Power will continue through 2025 as a national priority. 120+ delegates signed up to get involved, and you can too.

If you were not at convention, you can check out our convention panel recording, “The Longer Road to a Green New Deal”, about DSA’s ecosocialist organizing victories and the path forward!

And finally, in August we DOUBLED our monthly Campaign Huddle attendance to 30 members repping 22 chapters! Ecosocialists around the country are fired up to #BuildForPower in their cities. Sign up for the next one on September 27th:

Like what you see? Want to plug into this work? Then be sure to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on socials, and talk with your comrades about what #BuidingForPower can look like in your chapter!