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Panel: The Longer Road to a Green New Deal

While the climate crisis intensifies, prospects for transformative national legislation are grim. But at the state and city levels, DSA is fighting to take back our energy system from fossil fuel profiteers. After years of unprecedented organizing that pitted organized labor, climate activists, legislators at every level of government, and working-class people against the full forces of fossil capital, DSA chapters in New York scored the biggest Green New Deal win in US history—so far! The Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA), which recently became state law, lays the foundation for a socialized electrical grid, powered by clean energy and built by union labor. On this panel, hear from organizers across DSA about how we can reclaim public ownership and take the “just transition” from slogan to reality.

Panelists: Sarah Arkebauer | Soleil Smith | Gustavo Gordillo | Sarah Louden
Facilitator: Lizzy Oh
Location: DSA Convention 2023, Chicago