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  • A screencap of a 5 by 5 grid of zoom attendees, participants are raising their fists.

    Building for Power Chapter Training

    We hosted a chapter-wide, 3-session training series in coordination with the Growth & Development Committee on how to create, assess, and build a Green New Deal-style campaign. The series was attended by over 100 comrades across 40+ chapters.

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  • Rapid Response: Dos & Don’ts

    It’s tempting to release statements for every crisis. However, sometimes what we say and when we say it does more harm than good.

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Calls & Webinars

  • Panel: The Longer Road to a Green New Deal

    Hear from organizers across DSA about how we can reclaim public ownership and take the “just transition” from slogan to reality.

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  • Webinar: The Path to Green Social Housing

    Panelists from DSA’s Green New Deal Campaign Commission and the Housing Justice Commission will discuss different contemporary and historical approaches to the development of eco-conscious social housing and how we can win it today.

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  • Building for Power Graphics

    Logo and icons/graphics!

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  • Ecosocialism Graphics

    Download DSA GND logos, graphics, and banners for use on your own chapter materials.

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