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We Built the World

The bosses don’t want you to know this, but workers made the world around us—and we’re the only ones who can save it. We owe it to ourselves to shape the future for the many with so little—not the few with so much.

We Fight Everywhere

What makes DSA strong is our over 200 chapters made up of people just like you and me, ready to fight to make a better world possible. Power isn’t something that will just be handed down by a benevolent leader; it’s something we nurture and grow at the grassroots. We win by organizing with our fellow workers, neighbors, and community members. 

We Use Solidarity

We prioritize improving our built environment and developing more public services. We encourage chapters to aim high: instead of stopping at a local decentralized project or an oppositional campaign, we advocate for campaigns that build relationships with organized labor and create a working-class base that benefits from universal services. That is the only way we can tackle the global scale of capitalism and the climate crisis.

When We Build, We Win