1) The Federal Jobs Guarantee Program will provide good jobs that create a better world to everyone who wants one.

Economic and planetary crises are destroying our world, but we can work together to change that. People who want a job will be able to do work that helps decarbonize the economy at emergency-speed and serve the public good. That includes undocumented workers, workers with criminal records, and anyone who is sick of their bullshit, private-sector job.

The FJG will not include work programs or contracts with industries such as: weapons manufacturing, law enforcement, border patrol, and fossil fuels.

2) The program will be completely voluntary.

The federal jobs guarantee will not impose work requirements or interfere with Unemployment Insurance and other social benefits (ex. SNAP, Medicaid).

3) The workforce will be unionized, paid a minimum of $20/hour, and provided with benefits that include free Medicare, paid vacation, paid parental leave, and paid sick days.

Additionally, all workers in the program will receive job training or an apprenticeship provided by unions, worker training centers, or public education institutions.

4) The Federal Jobs Guarantee will include a special just transition program for blue-collar, fossil fuel sector workers who are laid off, fired, or wish to transition to a new industry. 

The program will provide matching salaries, pension, and benefits for up to 5 years for fossil fuel sector workers who wish to be employed. Additionally, this program will provide these workers with free education or training; rental or mortgage assistance; financial assistance for relocation; and job search assistance. All fossil fuel sector workers who take part in this program will be provided a lifetime guarantee of free public health insurance.

5) The program will receive permanent, non-discretionary funding.

Why should working families lose everything when Congress fails to take action? Why should we stop building toward the better world we need just because the suits in Washington are caught up in political chess? Providing permanent funding to this program should be a no-brainer. 

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