Blog Submissions

Interested in publishing with  Greens of Production?

Blog Rules/Criteria:

  • This blog will serve as a space for updates on DSA ecosocialist work, ecosocialist political education, examining current events or relevant topics through an ecosocialist lens, and discussing ecosocialist strategy and tactics.
  • Blog posts should be between 500-2000 words
  • Blog posts are expected to adhere to DSA’s Code of Conduct.
  • This is a space for DSA members and our comrades- not other organizations to promote their work.
  • We will not except work that promotes liberal solutions to climate change, We reject content that is neo-malthusian, imperialist, discriminatory, capitalist, oppressive, or false.
  • Blog posts do not represent the working group’s perspective.
  • Not all content that is submitted will be published.


Process of Approval:

-You can send you blog submissions to [email protected].

– You can expect to hear back from us in 1-3 weeks. We will let you know if it is approved/disapproved and if we have suggested edits.

**Not all blog submissions will be posted. As of right now, the blog will be prioritizing DSA Ecosocialist campaign updates and Ecosocialism 101 posts.

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