Pass a People’s Bailout

People need a December stimulus, but that alone won’t be enough to keep people healthy and safe. People shouldn’t have to choose between risking their lives for corporate profit and feeding their families. Choosing to go to the hospital shouldn’t be a choice between a death sentence and a debt sentence. 

We are calling on the federal government to care for its people by passing a People’s Bailout and sending $2K checks to everyone, every month. 

Fund a Green Stimulus

On top of the decades-long assault both parties have waged against the public sector, state and local governments are now facing massive budget shortfalls. This is a crisis for all Americans, an emergency for public sector workers, and a death blow to local climate mitigation efforts that our planet desperately needs. We reject the Republicans’ prescription of austerity for the public and paydays for billionaires. We demand a government By and For The People, in service of the public and planetary good. That starts with bailing out and building up the public sector.

We echo AFSCME’s demand for a $1 trillion bailout for local governments.

We demand a stimulus that includes substantial investments in green public projects that will keep the global temperature rise below 1.5C, prioritize frontline and working class communities, and truly build back better. These projects should include conservation, sustainable farming, coastal restoration, public land maintenance, building electrified public transit, care work (ex. public education & healthcare), and the construction of 3 terra-watts of renewable power generation by 2025–all union-made and publicly-owned.

We demand a stimulus that prioritizes the public good and excludes funding for weapons, Homeland Security (with the exception of FEMA), the Pentagon, law enforcement, union-busting companies, and the fossil fuel industry. In exchange for every $1 million a private corporation receives in stimulus funds, the corporation must provide 3% worker ownership stake in the company (up to 51%); update the company charter to allow all workers to vote for the Board of Directors; and include legally-enforceable stipulations on sustainability and decarbonization of all property, production, and distribution processes by 2030.

Enact a Federal Jobs Guarantee

We call on the federal government to deliver the unmet demand of the Civil Rights Movement, black freedom fighters, and other economic justice advocates for a Federal Jobs Guarantee. The call for full employment has deep roots in the historic and ongoing struggle for racial and economic justice as well as the power to meet the interlocking and existential emergencies we face today. By directly employing people in public jobs that help build sustainable and resilient communities (while paying prevailing wages), the government can boost the economy, begin closing the racial wage gap, raise the standard of living for all U.S. workers, and kickstart the decade of the Green New Deal. 

Read DSA’s Guidelines for a Federal Jobs Guarantee here.

Pass the PRO Act

When the Trump administration catastrophically butchered the pandemic response, it was unionized workers who fought back, won public safety demands, and saved countless lives. Unions and worker protections make everyone safer. We demand that Congress passes the PRO act.

Pass the Healthcare Emergency Guarantee Act

The Trump administration botched the pandemic response, yet the public has been footing the bill. Congress needs to pass the Healthcare Emergency Guarantee Act now.

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