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Building for Power Chapter Training

➡️See our updated training for 2024 here!⬅️

DSA’s Green New Deal campaign hosted a chapter-wide, 3-session training series in coordination with the Growth & Development Committee on how to create, assess, and build a Green New Deal-style campaign. The series was attended by over 100 comrades across 40+ chapters.

Session 1: Strategic Campaigns & Choosing a Demand

This introductory session introduces the Green New Deal campaign – who we are, what we are doing, and why – and how your chapter can create a GND campaign strategy using our framework. Special appearance by New York City DSA on their Public Power campaign.

  • GND Theory of Change
    • GND Context
    • Why now?
  • Breaking Down a Campaign
    • Components of a campaign
    • Build Public Renewals Act Case study
  • Which Demand Is Right for Your Chapter?
    • GND campaigns
    • Criteria for demands
    • Imagine your chapter….

Session 2: Analyzing & Building Our Power

  • Identifying a Target
    • Types of targets
    • Where does the target’s power come from?
  • Developing a Power Map
    • Who’s the Opposition?
    • Developing a power map
    • Green Social Housing case
  • Using the Power Map for Organizing
    • Organizing the base into DSA & allies into a coalition
    • Tensions in GND coalitions

Session 3: Escalating Tactics & Adjusting Strategy

  • What It Will Take to Win a GND
    • Using the demand to build the base
    • Building a coalition to win
  • Strategy vs. Tactics
    • The Anytown Transit Expansion Campaign
    • Sample escalation of tactics
  • Building a Campaign Team
    • Building a campaign plan and team
    • Making adjustments