The Ecosocialist Working Group Endorses the “Green New Deal DSA Resolution” for the 2019 Convention

We are excited to announce that the National DSA Ecosocialist Working Group has officially endorsed the “Green New Deal Convention Resolution” written by our members! This resolution aims to make ecosocialist Green New Deal campaign work a priority of DSA by allocating resources, staff, and training to the exciting Green New Deal work our comrades are doing around the country. You can read the resolution here.

The Green New Deal resolution was turned in on 6/1/2019 with 584 signatures, but is still open for endorsements!

Join us in making the Green New Deal–and saving our planet– a priority for DSA.

  • DSA Members can endorse the resolution by filling out the form here.
  • DSA chapters/caucuses/committees/groups can submit their endorsement of the resolution here.

A better world is necessary. Together, we can make it so.

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